"Praise his name with dancing" Psalm 149:3

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At JCS Ballet Academy we believe that learning and experiencing the benefits of Ballet should be available to ALL who are willing to learn and wish to enjoy these benefits.  Our mission is to instill the art of Ballet and Dance in children, teens, and adults. We are committed to provide you with only the best dance instruction in an encouraging, loving, and family oriented environment, as we follow our family principles and values.  

At JCS Ballet Academy, we value:

  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Perseverance
  • Integrity
  • Fellowship
  • Family
  • Community

Our staff consists of the most experienced and qualified instructors. Through dance, your child will experience the multiple benefits of discipline and the principles and values that will last a life time. 

We are delighted to be able to serve you as your Dance instruction choice.  Welcome to the JCS Ballet Academy family!​

Julia Figuerola Carpena Mannucci

About our Director

Mrs. Julia Figuerola Carpena-Mannucci started her classical ballet training in Lima, Peru in 1982.  By the time she was 11 she started intensive training under the direction of Marcela Pardon from Escuela Nacional de Ballet del Peru and DanzArt School of Ballet (Vaganova / French Ballet Technique). Her passion for classical ballet was a life motivation since her early childhood years, and as for all those who posses that commitment, she would rather spend her days at practice than at any other activity. In 1986 she was invited to participate in Escuela Nacional de Ballet performances as a guest dancer. She danced alongside Peruvian first principal ballet dancer, Jorge Rodriguez as his partner in several performances. She participated in international classical ballet competitions, Certamen Latinoamericano de Ballet Infantil, winning top awards and a scholarship to continue her dance training and education (winners also included other renowned ballet dancers today such as, Giselle Menacho -Peru and Paloma Herrera - Argentina). 

JCS Ballet Academy, Miami, Miami's best rated ballet school

Mrs. Julia feels that life is rewarding when you do what you are passionate about, but most importantly, give glory to God in everything that you do and follow God's call in your life. He has a perfect plan for us, according to His will and purpose. In this principle, she founded JCS Ballet Academy.  ​

Mrs. Julia is also founder of Ballet Essentials, LLC. creators of the original BalletBun® kit, featured in Dance Magazine's May and June 2016 issues.  Ms. Julia has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and has worked in a variety of fields such as the equine veterinarian alternative medicine industry, consumer electronics industry, cargo & freight, and fashion industries in the past, but ultimately she went back to follow her "Call". 

Mrs. Julia joined the prestigious Miami Royal Ballet Academy where she was a soloist performer and a Ballet teacher for all dance levels from beginner to advanced, pointe, and adult ballet. Now residing in beautiful Miami, Florida, as a dancer, performer, ballet teacher, dance mom, and wife, she feels there is still so much to be done in her journey, and knows everything is made possible when we let our Father take the lead. 

"Show me the right path, O LORD; point out the road for me to follow."  

Psalm 25:4

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Julia Figuerola Carpena Mannucci

Julia Carpena Mannucci

Artistic Director, Ballet Master, Classical Ballet Teacher

Our Director Mrs. Julia Figuerola Carpena-Mannucci has been dancing Classical Ballet since 1982. As an experienced Classical Ballet dancer, performer and ballet teacher, Mrs. Figuerola Carpena-Mannucci understands how important it is to ensure proper instruction of ballet technique and to carefully evaluate progress in every stage of a ballerina's training; therefore, you can be confident that your child will receive only the most solid and strongest dance formation at all times. Mrs. Julia also specializes in teaching Adult Ballet Classes to all adult level dancers.

Mrs. Carpena Mannucci  follows the Russian Vaganova teaching method and personally teaches all levels to ensure proper formation since the very  beginning, starting with Pre-Ballet at 3 years old, Ballet Classes for children 5 to 17 yrs. old,  Pointe Classes,  and all levels of Adult Ballet classes at JCS Ballet Academy,

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Lydia Curbelo Lopez

Character Dance & Ballet Teacher

Ms. Lydia Curbelo was born in Cinfuegos, Cuba. She graduated from Escuela Nacional de Arte - Escuela Nacional de Ballet in La Habana Cuba with a degree in Classical Ballet Teacher, also with studies in International Folklore - Character Dance. Ms. Lydia has over 30 years experience in Classical Ballet Training. She started her work experience at the Cuban National School of Gymnastics where she obtained numerous awards in National competitions. She also participated in multiple International Ballet events and competitions.  She opened and directed her own Ballet Academy in Cuba and for the next 10 years she specialized in teaching classical ballet to young children.  Later on, Ms. Lydia worked at Escuela Nacional de Arte - Escuela de Espectaculos (School of Performing), where she taught classical ballet to students 14 to 18 years old in intermediate and advanced levels for the next 8 years. Ms. Lydia also has a Masters degree in Kinesiology. 

We are grateful to have Ms. Lydia as part of our selective and qualified staff here at JCS Ballet Academy.

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Cielomar Puccio

Contemporary Dance & Ballet Teacher

Mrs. Cielomar Puccio was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico.  She started her training in Classical Ballet at Escuela de Ballets de San Juan.  Later on she studied Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary Dance at Andanza.  Andanza specializes in Contemporary Dance and there she had the opportunity to train with a well-known Puerto Rican contemporary teacher and choreographer, Jesus Miranda.  She also trained with Alvin Rangel and Norberto Collazo.  In 2000 she participated in the Summer Intensive Program of Andanza School where she performed the classical variation of Blue Bird and a contemporary piece called Fuimonos, that was part of the company’s repertoire under the direction of its Artistic Director Lolita Villanúa. In 2011 she began training in Arthur Murray Dance School, ballroom dance disciplines such as, tango, cha-cha, salsa, rumba, mambo, and others. In that same year she received recognition for her performance in the Argentinean Tango. As a teacher Mrs. Puccio began teaching at an early age in various academies and schools in Puerto Rico such as School for the Performing Arts, Andanza, and Deborah Carthy Deu Estudio y Agencia de Modelos.  The latter belongs to 1985 Miss Universe Deborah Carthy-Deu.  In Florida she worked as a dance teacher in Homestead City Ballet. As a teacher she taught Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance to various levels, starting in baby ballet and later on classes in junior ballet and intermediate and advanced levels.  She has also taught Jazz and Lyrical.  She has more than 15 years of experience as a teacher and a dancer.  Mrs. Puccio also is a floral designer for special events and has a law degree from the Escuela de Derecho de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.  She holds the Puerto Rican license and practices Immigration Law.

We are grateful to have Mrs. Cielomar as part of our selective and qualified staff here at JCS Ballet Academy.​


Francesca Carpena Bolshoi Ballet Academy Intensive Alumni 2019

Francesca Carpena

Assistant Classical Ballet Teacher

Ms. Francesca started her classical ballet training at Miami City Ballet when she was 5 years old for her first year of ballet. Ms. Francesca continued her dance education at JCS Ballet Academy under the rigorous Russian Vaganova Classical Ballet Technique and under the direction of Mrs. Julia Carpena Mannucci.  She currently dances in the advanced classical ballet levels at JCS Ballet Academy.  

In 2019 Ms. Francesca was accepted to advance her ballet training & education at the Moscow's Bolshoi Ballet Academy intensive program in New York City,  NY.

Ms. Francesca is an Honor Roll student at Westwood Christian High School. She is also part of the Westwood Christian School band playing the clarinet and has had the opportunity to perform with the band at Disney World, Orlando. She also plays the violin, which is her favorite instrument. 

We are grateful to have Ms. Francesca as part of our selective and qualified staff here at JCS Ballet Academy.